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Our team of high-performing university students are committed to fostering a positive transformation in students’ academic journeys. With extensive experience tutoring over 50 students, we are passionately devoted to helping each student achieve their full potential!

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Our students have secured excellences across a variety of subjects in NCEA and Cambridge. 

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What do we offer?

What is the Process?

Consultation call takes place.
Study schedule and content is created specifically for the student.
Tuition time and date is discussed and set.
Lesson begins, monthly report and update is sent to parents regarding progress and results.
School Tuition

Tuition for NCEA, Cambridge & IB, and more.

University Preparation

Tuition for Medicine, Engineering, Commerce , Computer Science & assistance with university entrance.

Extra Curricular Activities

Case studies, law mooting, coding, public speaking, or UCAT, we got you covered.

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How are we Different?

As university students ourselves, we intimately understand the challenges and pressures faced by today’s learners. We bring a relatable perspective that enables us to customise to  your learning style.

Streamlined Learning

Our approach revolves around precision and effectiveness. Rather than overwhelming you with unnecessary tasks, we focus on targeted, high-impact sessions to bring you the best results.

Qualified Tutors from NZ and AUS

By utilising worksheets and past papers, we help students learn by providing them with valuable practice opportunities, reinforcing key concepts, and preparing them for success in their assessments and exams,


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