University Course Preparation

University Course Assistance

At Sparked Tuition, we specialise in university subject tutoring and exam preparation.

Our dedicated team of university student tutors from Auckland, Otago and Sydney is here to support you in conquering challenging courses and achieving top-notch academic results.

Let us guide you toward academic excellence and ensure you thrive in your university journey. 


Medical School Entrance

Whether you are in Auckland or Otago University, we've got you covered. We assist students with content, UCAT and Interviews!


Engineering & Computer Science

Studying Engineering or Computer Science at Auckland University? We've got you covered.


Law School Entrance

Looking to study Law at Auckland University? Our Law School tutors will help you with content, mooting, and other competitions!


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Common FAQ's

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us! 

At Sparked Tuition, we conduct online lessons via Google Meets. Just with one click, a meeting can be organised between the tutor and student to start their lesson right away!

Of course! We facilitate all students by personalising study plans and schedules. 

Yes we do! However, this must be personally organised with our team as it changes depending on distance and location.

Of course! We will cater to what works best for the student!