Our Services

What do we have to offer?

From tuition to various extra curricular activities, we help students excel in every way. 

High School Tuition

We thoroughly assess the entire course material to identify and address any potential gaps in fundamental knowledge.

Implement effective and captivating learning techniques aimed at enhancing active content recall.

Provide comprehensive guidance through past  exam papers, along with exclusive questions designed to achieve excellence.

Univeristy Course Preparation

At Sparked Tuition, we specialise in university subject tutoring and exam preparation.

Our dedicated team of university student tutors from Auckland, Otago and Sydney is here to support you in conquering challenging courses and achieving top-notch academic results.

Let us guide you toward academic excellence and ensure you thrive in your university journey. 

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer specialised coaching in case studies, law mooting, coding, public speaking, and UCAT preparation.

Our expert tutors from Universities are dedicated to helping you excel in these areas, ensuring your success in academics and beyond.